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100 Day Scheduling Package

The 100 Day Scheduling Package is an excellent tool to make you more productive. No more wasting time counting out the days in your Medicare admissions, simply put today's date in the first field and every day after that in the assessment is automatically populated. Print it and put it in your patient's file and you're done.

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Complete Package Includes:

  • 100 Day Medicare Assessment Scheduler
    As an MDS Nurse you have no time to spare and certainly none to waste. The PPS schedule has always been a tedious necessity. The accuracy of the 14-30-60-and 90 day assessments is critical to the schedule for patient care and also the timely reporting for your facility. All the complicated and time consuming counting can now be a thing of the past. Just fill in the first field with the admission date, click the mouse and watch it happen. The entire 100 days are instantly populated. What once took 20 minutes now takes about a second!

  • Special Scheduling Calendars Once you have your 100 day schedule you can print it out and keep it on file. but you must still record the five separate assessment dates in a format which permits you to visually combine these assessments with those for all the other residents. This task is easily controlled with our "Medicare Monthly Scheduling Calendar". Just open the page and enter the names and dates. With very little effort you will be able to create a PPS calendar which will give you an instant visual confirmation of all assessments due for any given day, week, or month.
  • MDS Assessment Scheduler This popular laminated chart has been sold separately. But we have integrated this tool into our special PPS and Long Term Calendars. We have used this sturdy laminated chart as the back cover for each calendar. Our calendars are bound together with GBC coils which permit them to lay flat and function smoothly. With this handy chart attached to your calendar you can easily review the top 52 groups for RUGIV in rehabilitation, extensive services, special care, clinically complex, and also cover the lower 14 groups for RUGIV in impaired cognition, behavior, and physical function.

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