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Our MDS 3.0 Certification Course Is Even More Convenient.
The Online Course Has Been Restructured Into One Complete Package.
Online Broadcast Seminars Available With Full 30 Day Study Period 24/7

MDS 3.0 Basic/Comprehensive
MDS 3.0 Advanced/Certification

This is captured from the first day seminar event. It will cover the complete MDS 3.0 process from resident identification, assessment of needs, review of CAAs (Care Area Assessments), and care plans to create a holistic picture of the resident. It will be a basic overview of the complete system, on a need to know basis.

Initial training in MDS 3.0 process presents an opportunity for many alternate facility members to become knowledgeable and expand their MDS skills. A full team approach improves and helps capture maximum benefits. Team members would include: Administrator, DON, ADON, Unit Manager, Floor Nurses, Social Service, Dietary, Therapy and Activities.


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FBN3398 7 Contact Hours (Florida Excluded)

CE Provider # FBN3398
7 contact hours



The second day seminar is a follow through from the preliminary Basic/Comprehensive course. Completion of this course, together with the examination, will lead to the MDS-CT Certificate. The Broadcast seminars is presented with a 30 day study period. Certification may be completed with exam downloads and completed online.

Our program will cover a review of the basic course with detailed workshop analysis of a fictitous patient assessment. This leads into Medicare PPS Requirements, RUGS IV-66, Optimization, Care Area Triggers, and Detailed Care Planning.

This Dual Certification Package is a convenient way to aquire and perfect your skill as MDS Coordinators. Anyone may develop valuable team skills, and those who take the full session will achieve their 3.0 Certification.


FBN3398 7 Contact Hours (Florida Excluded)

CE Provider # FBN3398
7 contact hours




All Course Material will be available by PDF Downloads after registration

Video 1: Basic/Comprehensive

Video 2: Advanced/Certification

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