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200 Resident Care Plans

This is a computer based program (in Microsoft Excel Format) which is easy to install. It will generate a desktop icon which is available whenever you need to do care plans for your residents. Care plans are a vital part of the MDS Coordinator’s function. After the assessment is completed, a clear and concise plan of action is needed to implement the required care for the resident. State inspectors diligently look for incomplete care plans and often issue citations to facilities which do not keep their care plans updated and personalized.

Complexity of Choices

The complexity and extent of choices for care plans is often a major challenge for even experienced MDS nurses. Care plan meetings are the basis for gathering input information from the Nursing, Therapy, Social, Dietician and Activities teams. From this information the MDS nurse must synthesize the data and write the care plan. Our audits have revealed many care plans do not present a clear and concise plan of action. This leaves the resident open to incomplete care and the facility open to liability and citations.

Pre-Identified Choices

From the care plan index it is easy to identify most of the problem areas. Any care plans that are needed may be quickly chosen to cover the residents needs. With simple on screen editing, the goals and approaches may be adjusted to identify with a specific resident. A final print out and insertion into the residents’ records completes the task.

Reduced Time and Workload

Once the information has been gathered, it is not unusual for the MDS nurse to spend from 15 minutes to an hour of time creating a new care plan; especially for residents who have multiple problems which need to be addressed. Using an average of about ½ hour for each resident in a 120 bed facility, this can generate a workload of over 100 hours per quarter. This represents nearly 8 full 40 hour weeks to do care plans yearly. Saving up to a month of time will more than compensate for this tool which will provide years of service.

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200 Resident Care Plans

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