CNA MDS 3.0 Training


Assistants MDS Training

A New Approach

Capture and Maximize Income Integrate Your
Nursing Assistants

Your Nursing Assistants spend more time each day with the residents
than any other staff member.

Special CNA Skills

  • Close Intimate Resident Contact
  • Notice Even Smallest Changes
  • Residents Accept and Trust Them
  • Will Report Need of Increased Care
  • Generate 70% Total Care & Contact
New MDS Nursing Assistant Training:

Up to now there has not been a comprehensive training program for your CNA’s. A program which focuses on the nursing assistant’s role in the MDS process.

Impact On All ADL Driven Income:

This specific group of employees can often reach up to 70% of total SNF staff. The efficiency of their work is critical and can drive up to 80% of total SNF income. Therapies income is high, but of short term duration,
while the ADL’s are ongoing.

Opportunity To Drive RUG Scores Higher:

Have the major part of your nursing staff capture all the critical details that influence and determine the higher ADL activity levels. Your MDS nurse coordinator must depend on CNA Flow Sheets. Her/His accuracy depends directly on data from the CNA. Achieve and promote optimal resident care.

Avoid Major Flow Sheet Problems:

CNA’s often copy and input data from previous sheets. This is a sign that they do not understand the need to observe and change imput data. A simple two hour in‐service meeting will train and correct their level of understanding to capture new ADL changes.

Easy Workshop Style Program:

The entire training may be presented as a two hour in‐service meeting, or may be split into two one hour sessions. A master teaching manual is provided and matching work books for each CNA. The program may be easily presented by the DON, MDS Coordinator, or one of your Corporate Specialists.

Easy Ongoing CNA Training:

We have prepared a professional training semiar for this program. This seminar is easy to present on location with LCD projector. Ongoing training of existing and newly hired CNA’s will keep your ADL’s accurate and RUG scores higher. Simply have a class instructor on hand to answer questions and apply the simple test provided to determine level of CNA proficiency and understanding.

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