Institute Objectives

The Objectives of this Institute are:

To create an association which will enhance and create recognition for MDS Care Plan Nurse Coordinators; to elevate the position to professional status, which carries all the benefits of a recognized profession.

To present and make available practical training in the MDS/PPS process by skilled consultants. The training will both serve to teach and prepare new applicants for the position of MDS coordinators and enhance the skills of existing MDS coordinator. Other disciplines namely, Social Services, Activities, Therapy and Dietary will also benefit from this training.

To bring an awareness of the necessity of a team concept to capture the maximum benefits for both the facility and the resident. Ancillary training of administrators, directors of nursing, to understand and provide the necessary support for efficient and accurate reporting to State.

To expand the understanding of management for the critical importance of the MDS Coordinator position. An outline and definition of the full responsibilities and work load involved will establish accurate staffing for the position. This insures back up and continuity of this position, which ultimately determines the flow of income to the facility.

To assist in the structuring of the MDS Coordinator positions in such manner as to establish a good working environment, providing the necessary support to permit time off for scheduled vacation and allotted PTO. This will insure continuity and job stability in this position.

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