MDS 3.0 Coordinator Training – Certification – Validation

All patient assessment evaluations are assigned in each facility to MDS 3.0 qualified nurses. Each patient is reviewed on entrance and repeated each month.

A report is transmitted by the MDS nurse to the state nursing board which defines the level of care for that patient and the corresponding monetary billing accepted for that facility.

Approved training for these MDS nurse specialists is also governed by the Nursing Board of each state. Our license For training, FBN 3398, was issued March 6,2002 by the Florida Department Of Health, Board Of Nursing.

All training organizations for this certification are issued a similar license by their own Board of Nursing in their state. CMS does not issue any special training certificates outside of this system.

The equivalency of these certifications is transparent and based on the uniform application of CMS rules by all participating members. All nurses with a valid certification are qualified to complete MDS-3.0 assessments in any state.